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At ONEMillennium PAC, we take time to develop a thorough understanding of your business, your personal circumstances and your plans for the future before using our technical skills to provide the best solution to minimise your tax liabilities.

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Areas of tax expertise


Corporate tax and GST

Our proactive tax team offers tax-efficient solutions that span all areas of corporate tax. Our clients appreciate that we base all areas of our advice on a thorough understanding of their business and personal objectives.


International tax

We offer a full range of cross-border tax services ranging from transfer pricing to cross border transactions to large corporates, entrepreneurial companies and internationally mobile high net worth investors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tax reporting deadlines?

A company needs to file an estimated chargeable income 3 months after the company’s year end.

The final tax computation is to be filed by the 30th of November the following year after the end of the company’s financial year end.

What are the common tax reliefs that help reduce tax bills?

Some common tax reliefs for companies to help reduce their tax are:

  • Tax exemption scheme for new start-up companies;
  • Partial tax exemption for all companies; and
  • Deduction of expenses incurred before commencement of business.
Who should register for GST?

A person must register for GST if his taxable suppliers for the last 12 months exceeded S$1million or if he expects to make taxable supplies exceeding S$1million in the next 12 months. However a person may apply for GST registration on a voluntary basis even if his taxable supplies are not expected to exceed S$1million.

Notwithstanding that there is an obligation to register for GST, the person may apply for exemption from GST registration if he is making wholly or substantially zero-rated supplies.

What tax incentives are available in Singapore?

The Singapore government offers multinational companies and investors a variety of tax incentives. These include

  • Financial sector incentives
  • Marine sector incentives
  • Global Trader Programme

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