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The key advantages of setting up in Singapore include:

  • Regional leading global financial hub with a stable and corruption-free political system
  • Low tax rates and other benefits like double tax agreements with a multitude of countries
  • Strong reputation for an outward looking open economy and low barriers to trade
  • Welcoming attitude towards expatriates
  • No capital gains tax

Why Us

Singapore your ideal launchpad into ASIA

Working with experts that are experienced with the Asian landscape guarantees that you get off to a good start with the right assistance.

ONEMillennium PAC is your local professional advisor who helps your business gain the traction it needs to get up and running quickly. ONEMillennium PAC is an accountancy firm that delivers traditional services with a strategic commercial mindset. To provide value and help your business expand, we offer tax, audit, as well as business and financial advisory services.

We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?